Faculty Department of High Confidence Informatics
Yukio Rikiso
Title: Professor
email: rikiso[at]ai[dot]u-hyogo[dot]ac[dot]jp
URL: http://www.ai.u-hyogo.ac.jp/%7Erikiso/rikisolab.html
Academic Background:
  • Doctor of Engineering, Osaka University
  • Master of Engineering, Osaka University
  • Bachelor of Engineering, Osaka University
Professional Experience:
  • Professor at Graduate School of Applied Informatics, University of Hyogo, 2004
  • Visiting Scholar at University of Washington, 1992-1994
  • Professor at Kobe University of Commerce, 1992
  • Associate Professor at Kobe University of Commerce, 1985
Major Areas of Interest:
  • ・Assistive Software Technology (e.g. Japanese Sign Language Animation System, Multimedia Talking Book, Web Page Reader and etc.)
  • ・Software for Mobile devices (e.g. Multi Blog Posting System)
  • ・Information Security( e.g. Web Application Firewall)