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Message from Dean
Dean of the GSAI
Haruhiko Nishimura

 Graduate School of Applied Informatics (GSAI) was founded in April 2004 upon integration of three former prefectural universities, reflecting the growing needs for extensive application of informatics to the society and the impact thereof. GSAI started out as an independent graduate school without having any undergraduate course, and specialized in informatics offering two courses, Policy and Management Informatics Course, and Healthcare Informatics Course, which were perfectly suited to meet the social needs for informatics solutions in the areas of policy, administration, economic, business, and environmental informatics (Policy and Management Informatics Track), as well as medical, welfare, nursing, caring, and health informatics (Healthcare Informatics Track).

 Ever since then, the progress of informatics has been incredible, requiring us to cope with various new needs, and in order to provide solutions to such a wide expansion of areas for which application of information technology is demanded, and to strengthen our functions in these areas, GSAI, as of April 2011, established High Confidence Informatics Track in addition to the above 2 courses. This new course offers not only programs on fundamental technologies such as information security and risk assessment, but also field-work based educational researches intended to provide safety and confidence of social information system for everyday operations in companies and medical institutions. Also, GSAI is now offering a Dual-Degree Program in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University in the U.S., which is globally renowned for its expertise in this area. This collaboration enables students to obtain two master's degrees in the area of information security from two universities over a course of two years.
 Application of informatics to the society, of which GSAI is striving to pursue, has not been fully established, and is extensively interdisciplinary, and therefore, requires exploratory approach, and for which, we provide a man-to-man guidance system utilizing internship and fieldwork suitable to each student's skills and aptitude, and develop curriculum to nurture students' practical skills, in order to create environment in which students can thrive in the area of their own expertise. Such policy for education and research, to which a long term internship and other practical programs are incorporated, is highly regarded by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, as well as various private enterprises, and enabled us to advance forward to accomplish our expectations.
 Furthermore, with the Doctoral Program established in April 2006, we are now one step further in creating environment to facilitate more advanced medical-industry-government-university collaboration, which not only enables us to discover new seeds of R&D, but also expands our potential to create new solutions to improve quality of life and environment in our society. Such collaborative effort to carry out joint researches is being accelerated further with support of the Information Science Research Center for Social Applications, which was established as part of our organizational transformation to a 3-track framework mentioned above.
 GSAI has been, as of spring 2011, relocated to Kobe Port Island Campus. Right next to our campus is RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science, where the K computer, the world's fastest supercomputer, is located. Our other neighbors include Kobe University Integrated Research Center and Konan University Port Island Campus. With these facilities, the whole area is now transforming into a new scientific research zone.
 We welcome all that strive to explore and improve their skills in the discipline of social technology in ICT. GSAI with this new campus in a wonderful academic atmosphere is sure to be an ideal place to pursue your postgraduate academic endeavor.
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