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Outline and features
Graduate School of Applied Informatics, Applied Informatics Major
Policy and Management Informatics Course
Policy Informatics Management Informatics
Development of information system for policy making and policy assessment intended for building e-government and e-municipality
Technology development for e-commerce, customer management, knowledge management, and data mining as management
Construction and operation of information system based on geographic information system to support activities to achieve corporate efficiency
Development of new methods for information analysis and simulation on forest resources and natural environment
Healthcare Informatics Course
Healthcare Informatics Course Nursing Informatics
Construction and effective operation of information system for high performance of clinical activities, hospital administration, and nursing service, etc.
Creation of advanced database on health, medical, and welfare information, and efficient network operation and improvement of service quality
Research and development of informatics technology concerning electronic medical record, biomedical imaging processing, and healthcare data mining
Development and effective operation of information system supporting telemedicine and home care, which enables to preparation for coming aging society with a falling birthrate
Research and development of informatics technologies associated with biological, brain, and genetic functions
High Confidence Informatics Course
Development of systems in consideration of information security and quality of life intended for creating a high-confidence ICT-based society
Study on effective method, social technology, risk management, and other elements that support reliable information security in our society
Study on practical use of web services, ubiquitous systems, cloud computing, and other advanced informatics technology
Research and development of knowledge processing, computational intelligence technologies, intelligence system, and other technologies to improve quality of information system and environment

Structure of GSAI
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Feature 1: Educational research compatible to the needs of society
@Graduate School of Applied Informatics (GSAI) provides educational research with emphasis on the application of informatics to everyday activities in our society to meet the social needs of the 21st Century that are complex and diversified, for which, we are uniquely organized to produce practical and highly-advanced human resources with a multi-dimensional and diversified knowledge in each expertise combined with a variety of skills in informatics. Also, GSAI proactively seeks for and implement external capitals to conduct joint researches, privately-funded researches, and government-promoted researches to open up opportunities for all stakeholders involved.
Feature 2: Curriculum focusing on practical researches
@GSAI highly values practical approaches to educational researches demanded by the society, and in order to proactively engage in real-life activities to meet such demand, offers various internship opportunities, the focus for which is to assign students with researches in practical application and solution development, demanded on the front line of technology development concerning information systems, particularly in the areas of policy and management, healthcare, and high confidence informatics. GSAI is also proactively involved in industry-government-university joint researches as part of special studies pertaining to preparation of thesis, providing students with opportunities to be exposed to practical sciences and researches.
Feature 3: Advantageous location and environment for educational research
@GSAI resides in Computational Science Center Building where the K computer, the world's fastest supercomputer, is located, and is surrounded by various research laboratories including the Advanced Medical Center, which makes it an optimal location for scientific research. The laboratory for graduate students provides a refined network environment with each network terminal installed at personal desk of each and every student, and is facilitated with an information processing room in which over 70 personal computers are set up, as well as an information seminar room, which are available to all students for any study purpose.
Feature 4: Day and Evening Courses System to meet social demand
@In order to catch up to an ever-diversified demand for adult postgraduate education, GSAI offers day and night programs to adult students in Master's Program for attending classes and receiving research guidance, which enables to ease time constraints of adult students, and provide more opportunities for talented people in work force to take postgraduate courses while continuing their career, and to nurture highly-advanced professional knowledge and skills among them.
Feature 5: Variety of career path
@GSAI is well reputed among enterprises of various types. Practical and progressive talents who complete courses in GSAI are highly regarded and demanded by the society, not only in companies directly dealing with informatics but also research laboratories, medical institutions, government offices, and various other types of organizations, opening up prosperous future career opportunities for the graduates with an extremely high success rate.
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