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Industry-Government-University Collaboration
@GSAI takes practical learning approach to its education and research framework, and attempts to develop human resources who are equipped with practical skills that are readily available for implementation in the society, and by which, is intended to contribute to the progress of regional society; for which, the Industry-Government-University Collaboration is proactively implemented to promote the progress of society with the study outcome generated therefrom, and attempts to energize our educational research through active interactions with the society.

Types of Industry-Government-University Collaboration
¡Joint research
By accepting researchers and funding from a private company, researchers from GSAI and researchers from such private company jointly conduct a research project on an equal footing.

¡Funded research
Researchers of GSAI perform a research project upon assignment of and on behalf of a private company.

¡Research grant
Funds, equipment, and other forms of values are given to GSAI's research/educational team or individual professor for the purpose of scientific research and/or educational excellence.

¡Privately sponsored courses
Courses sponsored (contributed) by private company may be set up.

¡External trainee system
GSAI offers training support for researchers dispatched from private companies.

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