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Admission policy

Students GSAI is looking for

 GSAI's mission is to produce engineers, and highly-specialized professionals and researchers, who are well equipped with knowledge and skills in their expertise mainly in the area of policymaking, business administration, or healthcare, and at the same time are equipped with knowledge and skills in informatics which are applied to their own expertise, and can proactively contribute to interdisciplinary research and technological development of applied social informatics.
 In this regard, GSAI is looking for students who are able to:

・Effectively capitalize on knowledge in their specialized field obtained in an undergraduate program or other equivalent academic course, in conjuncture with advanced informatics, to capture various challenges in our society, and willingly improve their capacity to solve such challenges;
・Recognize, through their experience and jobs, the importance of informatics in the context of application to the society, and are passionate to improve their practical skills in applied informatics; and
・Proactively apply informatics as solutions for various challenges generated in globalized human society, and have vision to find solutions from a global standpoint.

Basic policy on admission procedures

 GSAI's basic policy concerning admission procedures is to make available various routes for enrollment opportunities and to select students who are suitable to the educational mission and objective of GSAI; for which, we are offering not only general admission route, but also various other routes including recommendation system for entrance exam, special admission procedures for foreign students, as well as advanced placement, and by implementing written exams (short essay, English, etc.), examination report, interview, and verbal tests that are suitable for each applicable admission route, we comprehensively evaluate skills and qualification of candidate students to select a variety of human resources with passion and knowledge.


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