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  Master's thesis
Master's thesis <Fiscal 2010>
Policy and Management Informatics Course
Economic analysis of policy on regional computerization
Study on challenges concerning implementation of ICT and business information system
Implementation and effectiveness of municipal CIOs - Discussion of municipalities in Hyogo Prefecture -
Fundamental study on emerging needs of people in the age of "new public entities" - Experience from conducting residents' opinion poll on regional computerization -
Possible development of disaster contingency plan for residents, and challenges concerning privacy protection
Reality and challenges of globalization in terms of municipal tourism and exchange - Fundamental discussion concerning presence/absence of foreign language pages concerning tourism in municipal websites -
Fundamental study on the status and challenges concerning disaster rescue measures for residents requiring caretaking - Progress on the submission of consent forms in Miki-shi, Hyogo, and analysis on the residents' opinion poll
Development of multi-posting system for mini-blog using smart phones
Measuring JSP web application complexity based on the entropy
Fundamental study on the contribution of national universities to regional societies - From the analysis of relationship between national university hospitals and regional partner hospitals using network analysis -
Discussion on the application of UML to PLib Code
A study of control program implementation on embedded system
Life-Cycle Assessment of Carbon Fluxes in Managed and Unmanaged Forest Stands
Construction of Web servers using Android

Healthcare Informatics Course
Study of implantable insulin injection system which functions in accordance with osmosis changes accompanied by changes in blood glucose level in the body - Performance assessment based on mathematical model -
Development of e-learning system concerning CV port management using mobile devices
Evaluation of education program required for continuing education and training in the area of nursing informatics
Extraction of characteristics by text mining records from Cancer Support Consultation Center
Development of health/medical/welfare information management system using smart phones
Embedding biosignals to MPEG-2 STREAM data, and its operation
Application of annotated logical programs to Multi Car Elevator
Evaluation of the impact of cancer screening on the mortality rate and other relevant data associated with cancer - Lung cancer -
Evaluation of cerebral functions under mental/emotion load using fMRI
Development of Android applications compatible to multiple users for supporting nutritional management
Sequential quantitation of EEG data under emotional stress load using wavelet analysis
Cost accounting analysis concerning hospital management - Cost analysis of medical treatment fee concerning imaging diagnosis -
Evaluation of visually induced motion sickness using photoelectric pulse wave and ECG
Study to evaluate noises in fractal of heart rate variation and spectrum analysis
Preventive effect for dialysis hypotony with promotion of venous return
Inter-regional relationships detected on EEG under emotional stimulation, and assessment on the differentiation of neutral network
Evaluation of autonomic functions under emotional stress using pulse wave analysis
Disaster contingency planning and medical information support system for healthcare professionals specialized in dialysis treatment in a small size dialysis clinic
Evaluation of nursing workload measurement tool with visualized nursing allocation in emergency room
Fire spread simulation using cellular automaton technique

Master's thesis <Fiscal 2009>
Policy and Management Informatics Course
Study on spacial data and spacial analysis technique concerning needs for urban facilities using the Map Pointing Method
Factorial analysis on integration of software IT industry
Construction of restaurant search system using multiple Web API
Discussion on regional spread and maintenance of broadband
Construction of a Voice Reading System using Web API
Discussion on low usage of electronic application system, and a case of implementation
Layout design of standard cells for drive circuit of liquid crystal display
Editing technique for ISO-compliant product dictionary based on existing catalog - Using machine element "Cogwheel" as an example -
Fundamental study on regulation factors concerning actions of students attending to see live performance - through construction of and analysis on database of student records in the past 25 years -
Construction of network simulation configuration in compliance with AUTOSAR specification
Construction of generation algorithm for ISO-compliant Electronic Catalog - Mainly on the editing technique for PLIB dictionary for cogwheel -
Evaluation on the application of transaction memory in an embedded system
Speeding up of distributed system in the environment for the development of integrated control
Development of automatic address search and map display system using Geo microformat
Reducing the number of components in a timing generator of liquid crystal display - Mainly on D-type flip-flop -
Analysis on the factor contributing to the spread of 3G cellular phones in Japan - Dynamic-panel estimation approach -

Healthcare Informatics Course
Development of e-learning contents for education on safety of medical practices involving various professionals - Reinforcement of education/training/manual on safety of intravenous injection -
Development and evaluation of an NANDA nursing diagnosis-label search tool using the standard nursing plan
Inter-regional relationships detected on EEG and visualization of information transmission
Coherence analysis of alpha wave under emotional stress
Development of "electronic medication diary" system using mobile devices
Sequential changes on EEG under emotional stress load using wavelet analysis
Study on the relationship between non-reassuring fetal status and characteristic patterns on fetal cardiotocograph (CTG)
Construction of information support system for informed consent concerning congenital heart disease
Information support system for practical diet guidance in consideration of lifestyle
Relationship between life survey on university students and POMS - Surveillance of mental health in clinical engineering training schools -
Construction of information support system for disaster/emergency contingency
Construction of location based system for disaster rescue measures for residents requiring caretaking

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